Monday, August 4, 2008

Riding Raystown Lake Trails

Today was another day on the road. The move from Harrisonburg up to Raystown Lake in PA was a nice jaunt. It looks like I will be working with a nice little crew moving along building a very uniques 30 mile trail system in this single build season. The trails offered a few unique experiences. Check out the overlook at the top of the mountain it was enough that Rich had to try not to think bad thoughts....think no evil monkey. Then we descended down to the lake and dipped into the H2O, let me tell you on a hot day it is quite nice to get into a bit of water. I thought about the "eventual in a system like this. You leave the campground where you and your friends have been having a great vacation so far. You jump on your bike nice and early while things are still cool, as the afternoon heats up you head to the bottom of the trail system and find your way to Beaver Den Cove, and get onto the boat with your friends for a water bound afternoon. Yeah sounds nice doesn't it.

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