Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a long strange weekend it has been...

Life can be very textured in so many ways. This weekend was certainly as textured as the rock above. This was a cool section of rock down in a drainage here in Raystown. Saturday was a day of wondering around in the woods and working with a couple of different volunteer groups. This photo was shot while working with a crew of Juvie offenders that were in a Forestry Camp that did outdoor community service projects...yeah they pretty much were impossible to get things done with.

Then, was the afternoon session with Juniata College freshmen. These kids I was expecting to be totally useless and was expecting to have to fight against wanting to kill them. BUT, to my surprise, THEY KILLED IT. They were great to work with, most of them wanted to be Biologists and they dug...DUG...what I was throwing down. We had an absolute blast. Here is the post workday shot, GROUP HUG KIDS...Rich had a crew that he was working with in the rocks and well, poor guy.

Then, last night the crew from Wissahickon that are working on a project out there came into town and we had a big CONFERENCE MEETING...yeah that means I had a raging headache at about three o'clock, because it took that long to get the hangover. Shenanigans.

Below are shots from the ride we did at Raystown with the Motley Krew...The photos are of the crew climbing the booze off, then a shot of getting ready in the four car parking lot...what's up with that? Finally, well Rich had a little nap while Valerie was dealing with her flat tire...poor guy.

This should be a great closing week, peppering a great 30 mile trail system.

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