Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of the travel for a couple weeks.

Here are the last few photos from Raystown Lake, I highly recommend you visit in the next couple of years. 2 and the trails will be ideal. 5 plus and they will have fully settled.

This was a great trip, Harrisonburg was great as I got to look at a pumptrack retrofit, which is a new vision and also to go to Raystown and be involved in an overnight trail system creation. 30 miles in a year. I go back to give the trails a little extra spice and make sure they simmer just right. Michael Burton has been an absolute pleasure to work with, Steven a great wing man on the machines, and Billy as always "life on the trail". Together all the contractors on Raystown have been the Confederacy of Builders, I hope to come back next fall and "ride the white" will see. Enjoyed the drive home, I forgot what a nine our drive turned into an eight hour drive looks like. Saturday evenings are the time to make good time Southbound on 81. Put that in your notebook.

Until next time.

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Tom N said...

So are these Raystown trails at Seven Points? I heard about a new trail system there but figured it was just something that tied into Terrace Mountain Trail. My buddies and I are headed up there in October and we would love to hit these trails (since we're staying at a cabin in 7 points).