Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Other Project

Well, while working on "club" projects I always seem to have "the other project" going on. In this case there is the other project for the club, then the other, other project that my mom has me working on.

How about a little Thursday night mini-festival to feel out the true vibe of the US National WWC. This place has a nice healthy quantity of trail that is fairly fun and some cool pay to play other sport activities. The place seems poised to set a great national example if only properly executed. This is the other project with the club. They seem to have many other things well in hand, but the potential of a place like this is too much to pass up.

Now, on to the project for moms. With crappy wooden walled steps that were built in an afternoon three years ago degrading, the woman figured out how to get the stairs the way she wanted. Wait until we were coming up, then have a heap of rock and dirt on site, cook a killer dinner and say BBBBEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN, would you mind building some stairs? How do you say no to that. So, we go from macro design and full on tourist development down to private craftsmanship. Then, where does that leave the actual project I am "supposed" to be doing this week? Well, that one nicely falls right in the center of the current bell curve. The next two weeks are sure to be very interesting. Here is to hoping you enjoy it as much as I am sure I will.

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cedarhall said...

It sure would be nice if the "other project" was a pump track at USNWC; they have plenty of space for it to the right of the trailhead.