Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upon Request…

Well, been a little bit since the last time, so…Lakewood. Coming together nicely, not really sure exactly where this one is headed. We will be spending the weekend in CLT so maybe things will show themselves after that. Here are some photos from the last couple days. Thanks Patrick.

A view of the before, well technically it is during as we had already cleaned up the site and prepped it for the first drop of REDGOLD…this is why you BUY dirt.

A little tease of the tread for the single track, this stuff was THICK.

Finally, this kids, is a BERM.


camps said...

That is a sweet berm indeed. Is it the same one as the photo up the page?

Do you use that machine to scoop out the bottom of the berm to make the top steeper than the bottom? Or, does the berm not really need to curve like a 1/4 pipe?

Ben said...

You do want to "scallop" the berm. We pack the flat surface with the machine, then hand cut and shape the berm to get the perfect "pocket". Hope you are well Larry. Hope to see you next year.