Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Full-clean at the forest edge.

Well, things are clicking along on the outer (flow) trail here in CLT. Today marked a good milestone, we are in the open, about half a day early too. This is where working in conjunction with the landscape company, Landmark Landscaping, has been key. We met in the first couple of days and Mark, the owner, showed me how to operate the irrigation system, so I could mark all of the hidden sprinklers. So, this morning I went out and got myself DRENCHED, but got all the sprinkler heads marked so that this afternoon I wouldn't inadvertently run one over. Now that we are in the open, I have to be especially careful of the visual impact to the landscape and in order to do that we are conducting a "full clean" where I scrape the organic layer off the top, then place that material into the power buggy and transport it back into the woods to help with a few of the closure sites and to fill in some of the borrow pits. Hopefully, Friday I will be able to throw up some finished photos with a few folks riding the outer loop. Then, next week it is on to the FUN STUFF ... bridges and rocks and tight trail, OH MY.

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