Sunday, September 26, 2010

Park City Is Effin Awesome!


This town is the best, great fall mountain bike trails all over the place and amazing scenery. Right now there is a sense of anticipation in the area, as well, that is darn near electric, everyone is getting ready for the big four letter word, in a good way, SNOW! We got into town on Friday and have been running around trying to get in as much play as possible, because tomorrow it is back to the grind...ha, it is like a good grind, you know like a 50-50 or something, maybe a sprocket grind...kinda sketchy at times, but controlled chaos at it BEST!

We rode some trails and jumped some jumps, they have that here too. Tomorrow into the yellow Aspens and helping Alpine-Trails finish up a little project. Life is Effin AWESOME!

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