Thursday, January 10, 2008

My camera really doesn't do well at night so I stole a photo off the intranety and figured it would explain what this posting is about. Yesterday was spent on the computer for most of the day with a few errands in between. Then in the afternoon I started a project in patience. More on that later.

This post is all about night riding. I picked up Adam at his house around ten till six and we headed into the woods. When we pulled into Rice Pinnacle we were greeted to Sy and Becky pulling up and shortly there after Don and Jeremy Arnold showed up and we had ourselves something that could only happen in this town. You show up to ride and it can turn into a group.Not like a scattered all over the mountain group, but a damn good time hauling booty group. We spent most of the ride on gravel, as I assumed the woods would still be nasty. We headed down the pavement past Wolf Branch up towards Trails End then left on North Boundry. We followed that around to Ledfrod Branch Rd. to the old Sidehill Rd. Then down to Wash Creek Rd. We climbed that to South Ridge Rd. and finally dropped into some great singletrack, everything was in awesome shape. DOH. I was bummed at that point that we had avoided all the other singletrack. Well, you live and learn. I ran out of light about twenty minutes from the car and was fine. I always used to ride with no light so it was just as enjoyable to finish out the ride "in the dark".

Here is to Asheville and the riders that populate it. This area is really great. Awesome riding and awesome people.

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