Thursday, January 24, 2008

As I sit and drink my coffee.

Barntown didn't treat me as well yesterday as I had hoped. End product is looking good, but my body has been taking it to the grill. Monday I gave a bit much, I should have held back a bit, I was feeling spent on the mountain today. Friday will be interesting. Lots of saw work in the morning then moving into some super rocky stuff. I need to get a wench of some sort.

Well, that's the life in the woods. I love the fact that this winter I have been able to muster the ability to get stoked and to be active. My winters are usually pretty beat. Last winter was especially gnarly. I usually snowboarded in the winter but for the last few years I have been off the plan. Just something about that industry and the people I found in it that stopped clicking. Some people were cool, but the majority were no bueno. It's funny how the bicycle and its culture can be so in depth. On average bicycle mechanics and bike messengers are pretty darn interesting people. I'm not talking just relating to bikes, most of them find little need to actually even talk about them, it is an implied that you have the love, just talk about life, things you think are interesting, a good watering hole, best rockstar get it. I think there is a rhythm to life on two wheels.

I got an email from Mike S. of Asheville on Bikes. Dude is on it. He knows how to put on fun events that center around being PEOPLE that ride, not riders. That is the secret to me. PEOPLE that ride, not riders.

Enjoy your chosen beverage while reading, peace out.

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Michael said...

Really enjoyed your insights on bike culture. You’re spot on. I appreciate the compliment, as well.