Monday, January 14, 2008

A day in it.

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

Today was relatively chill. A bit of business in the A.M. then a bit of a ride in the P.M. Now it is home duties for a bit. Lets see if I can catch up a little on the forth coming week. Drop the hammer in Barntown and get the design finished up. Yeah it's gonna be a pretty good week. Then, head down the hill over the weekend for Thompson Fest. Turns out Ronnie passed away this week, so the festival will be slightly more somber, seems to follow me around a bit lately. Ah, so is life. Right now the outcast has me feeling good and thought I would drop the above link of Blue Ridge Bike Clubs website. On the left click on the "cue sheets" for rides. Today's was the BIltmore forest slightly modified and leaving out of Liberty Bikes. I rode with my boy Greg and things loosened up nicely. Oh props to Andy for the fit, today things hummed. May be out of touch for the coming days but will update about Barntown and maybe have some fun photos.

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