Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McLeod McLovin'

I have fallen back in love. On the Barntown project I had been struggling a bit and feeling a tad sluggish. I found the cure, the McLeod. I hadn't used a McLeod in a very long time, not doing hand builds and doing so much machine work I found other tools much more resourceful, but today I fell back in love.

The tools wider cutting head made a huge difference in smoothing a larger area as well as moving more soil once the organic layer had been removed. The routine has finally started to show itself out on the hill. I hope to be punching 120-150 feet a day in the next week, and the McLeod will be my partner in this.

Also, yesterday I went for a mountain bike ride with some of the PAS boys and we had a blast in North Mills River, Trace is in choice shape. The trail is great right now. Today will be just work then, after tomorrows ride I am going to take a few days off the bike. It needs to be cleaned and I need a break. Its nice to be in that position.
Enjoy the pictures and your day.

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