Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stuck between a rock and a ....rock

Machu Picchu. It is one of those famous places, nestled high on the perch of a mountain in Peru, it has stood the test of time and stayed precariously footed on a rock bluff. Yesterday, while working out in Barnardsville I couldn't stop thinking about man's fascination with rock. I ran upon the most ominous rock slabs. Everything has been fairly cake to this point, but yesterday design was a beast. I still don't have the solution for most of this one section. The north side of the mountain I expected to be rocky, and it is. But, these sections are both in draws that are nothing but rock. Not that manageable kind, but the kind you come to and your day starts to suck. 200 ft of straight slab. You come around a corner and you know what you are in for. Every tree over 24 inches is laying belly up exposed beneath it is a slab of granite, then as you look around the pulpy battlefield you begin to realize you are on top of a grained behemoth, one that will not be easily tamed. Many of the trails in Pisgah contain these types of rock. But, here on this mountain, they are monsters. I will take pictures and show the progress, but it will be a while coming.

Back to Machu Picchu. My friend Shawn and my cousin Grace have both been there. They each said it was a place that had a spiritual essence nowhere else on Earth has. I think rock was tamed there. I think with determination, maybe mother nature contributed a bit of cooperation, the people of Machu Picchu were able to create something magical. Wikapedia it.

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