Monday, May 5, 2008


Last week was fairly chill, but it was the calm before the PMBAR storm. The Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure race is one of those local events that is truely creative and unique.

My day started at 5:30 in the am, on my road bike pedaling over to my buddy Andy's house to pick up my car, yeah left it there the night before. I wasn't taking the race very seriously. I arrived at the race venue in "the cove" around 7:15 after a quick stop to the grocery store for some supplies. When I rolled up it looked like the circus had come to Pisgah. From there I went into a frenzy of preparing and realized regardless of the checkpoints, I was gonna have fun today.

The checkpoints ended up being in just the right places to allow my team mate and I to get in a nice little 7:30 hour ride. It was great, we were all in a little pack throughout the race and had a blast. My memory of the race will always be there, but you would be reading a novel to get it into print. I will think of some good moments in the day to try and pass along.

Today is crazy. I am leaving for VA around 2 this afternoon, and then when I get back I immediately leave for the South Dakota job. I still need to finish packing and I still don't have a working camera. Wow, lots to do. I apologize for the scattered state, but well....lots to do. Enjoy your day, and ride your bike.

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