Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rapid City Dirt Jump Build Day 1 & 2

I flew in yesterday at about 3:00 and it was GO!!! from the get....go. I went to the site with Dirk, here he is happy and ready.

Then, I went to buy a new camera so I could actually snap some shots for today. I am going to do my best to update at least every other day, as much for myself as for anything else. The build is going as planned. Rapid City has gotten a ton of snow in the last little while and has received a bit of rain in recent days as well, so things were a bit soupy, however, we achieved most of what I wanted to today. I wanted to get the silt fencing in, dig a test well and grade the site down. The silt fence was no problem. We have some moisture issues to deal with however. We hit water at about six feet at the back of the well and about 18" at the front. Seems there is a layer of clay under all of the good silt. So, tomorrow we will dig out the borrow pit and may have to rotate the dirt to let it dry out for a few days. Ah, mother nature, she always has a sense of humor.

Tomorrow it is log rides, grading for the upper pump track and starting the borrow pit. Wish us luck, and positive vibes. Finally, a BIG THANKS to Dirk, Tim, Kelly, Matt, Bill, Jerry, Dave and ALL THE RAPID CITY FOLKS.


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