Monday, May 26, 2008

Drying out....

OUCH....My brain hurts.

This is the most physically and mentally exhausted I have ever been after a project. It is all in a good way, but over the last three weeks I lived life in the Red-line. Virginia and a bunch of great, super laid back land managers to Rapid City, South Dakota to participate in a Greek Tragedy...I think it is great the freeride trail is called the Phoenix, because it means the riders are used to things rising from the ashes, or FLOOD in this case.

The last two days in town were really exhausting from a social level too, we had nothing else to do because of the rain so it was Party Time. OUCH...

I am now back in North Carolina trying to do my best to recover and get the document for the folks out there lined up to give a certain level of continuity to the project. I hope to have finished photos to throw on here in about three weeks. I will be seeing these folks again in Park City and that will certainly be a HOOT!

It will still take a few days to recover from this one, but things are definitely good.

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