Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rapid City Dirt Jump Build Day 11 - 13

Yeah, things have been crazy, I will try and get ahead of the ball on this update. Things are almost finished. Jeff showed up on Monday and jumped right on it. Within 10 minutes of him being here we saw a rattler at the creek crossing into the jump park. Needless to say he is going home with a souvenir. We looked over the expert and pro line and he got his mind pretty well wrapped around the whole thing. Then, yesterday, it was GAME ON...we got the three main features in that line finished and they look great. The evening brought a sweet session with people riding all of the lines. Today, the boys are working in the pit while I am trying to get things wrapped up. The weather looks like it will be turning against us for the time being as well, but we will see if she holds. So, now I am off to do the signs and run a few errands for the fellas.

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camps said...

We got unanimous approval from our Town Council to move to the next steps. We're going to get the site leveled and prepped and remove a few small trees before bringing you in.