Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rapid City Dirt Jump Build Day 6

Today was mostly house keeping and getting the beginner line dialed in. The moisture was really a problem today and we got rained on a little bit as well, however it was the last of a slow moving front and they are calling for great weather the next week. Here are some photos of the work from yesterday, check out the bench. There was a HUGE log ride that maybe four people had ever hit called "Great White" we decided to pay homage to it by using the log and remnants to create benches in various locations around the park. This is really getting to be a ton of fun. We are shooting for the beginner line to be ridden this afternoon and to work on placing the dirt for the intermediate line today. The weekend is coming fast and we will see how the crowd pans out.

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camps said...

Nice lookin' stuff there.
Our Town Council meeting is Monday.
I'm using of few of your photos for it.