Sunday, April 27, 2008

To the death of cameras and rest...

Okay, I think this one is gonna be thick.

Here we go with a summation of the last week. It was a very needed start to the "real season". I have done a pretty good job of transforming from stage to stage in life lately and have tried to be as adaptable as possible. Life comes at you just like the flow of a new trail, you have a number of options, but they seem to lie within the same corridor. I rode some fantastic stuff in Grand Junction and Fruita. But, it still wasn't home; it was a good time and proved to me there are "goods" elsewhere in the country. I am really happy with where I am, but to always know you could be somewhere else is nice, if not a bit comforting.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty well summed up in the previous post, but there is also a bunch of dirt jumping on a strange, unknown bike; a cool local bike shop in Fort Collins and a billion other experiences involving rock and rolling, rap and braaapsidy.

Wednesday Greg and I cruised across the mighty Rockies for the short trip into Fruita and Grand Junction. Immediately, we went on a ride at the 18rd trails and they were very much the Bent Creek of Fruita, not in a bad way; but in a, just 18rd way. Then, upon arrival at his friend Kevin's house we jumped back on bikes and I got to do some fuuunnnnn wall riding, might get some photos out in the next little bit depending on whether Greg likes the shots. BECAUSE MY CAMERA FINALLY DIED. I have been subjecting this thing to loads of death rolls and she keeps ticking. The last one died when I OOOPPPS dropped it in a creek I was walking, after a crazy storm with Rich Edwards of IMBA....hope he reads this and gets a smile. Adventure is one of many spices to life. I think of adventure like I think of Cilantro; one of the greatest spices.

Back to the camera. I got no shots of the trip, and I think it was intended that way. I have been documenting life a bit more closely than I would necessarily like to. A bit of a "gap" is good. I am striking a new balance everyday. Berm, roller, roller, rock, root, BBBOOOOOOSTTTTTT......ah, the trail of life. I hope this brings you around to a dream of flowing through it in your day......Ben

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