Friday, April 4, 2008

First "Dirty Thursday" ...

Last night was great, it was the first "Dirty Thursday" of the season. I was worried we would be inundated with folks, but instead it was perfect, there were only a handful of us and we still got a ton done in a few hours.

The photo above is of Adam working on reestablishing the bench cut section of trail leading into a seep crossing while the others gathered material to use for chokes. At some point in the last two years a crew had come through and brushed the area leaving it littered with debris, so we worked on cleaning that up and putting the debris into specific areas where the corridor was allowing people to cut the turns in the trail. Deerfield is now squared away at least for this year. Some maintenance may happen next year on it, but otherwise the "hotspot" is taken care of.

Next week we work on Wolf Branch and drop a bridge at the bottom of the trail to cross over the consistently boggy area. Next week should be a blast.

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