Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A ride and a new project...

First the ride. Bent Creek gets hammered, let me just say that. This past Sunday everything was still a bit wet from the week's rains, but people just had to get a ride in and the Crick got hammered on. I went out to shoot a few photos of the work we did on Deerfield Trail on Monday and some spots were still a little soft from all of the traffic. The place is going to be a constant battle. But, I am game.

Here are some photos of last Thursdays end product. This first one is where the bench cut had begun falling apart around this tree, so we re-established the bench and masked the other line.

This image is of essentially the same thing but at the creek exit.

Here is the creek flowing clear after cleaning out the drain and removing some of the material that had been placed at its exit.

Finally, the FS sent someone through a while back and did a horrible job cutting back the corridor, one of the things they did was drop this big red oak across the creek ravine. People naturally started trying to ride it, but the fall zone was littered with stubs and debris, so we cleaned out the fall zone and created a sustainable entrance and exit. This is by far the hardest log ride in Bent Creek. But, it is a perfect example of a TTF option. You must make a hard turn off the original line in order to get to the entrance and the main line is much easier. Also, with a clear fall zone and low speeds the penalty for failure is low. Enjoy.

Oh, the new project, well lets just say it is the first of its kind in the southeast and my buddy Ryan has been at it for a very long time, Good Job Dude.


Anonymous said...

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Sammtb5 said...

hey ben, what trail is this log ride on? i go to bent creek all the time and ive never seen it

Ben said...

Sam...if you come to dirty thursdays you find out about these kinds of things. This is not a I build you ride kind of thing, come be a part of something.

The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Ben, awesome job on the log. I almost think it'd ride better from the other direction(coming from the lake area). It was tempting this weekend but I didn't attempt it yet. I needed a little more mojo.