Friday, July 11, 2008

"DT" and a busy weekend coming up..

It's been a busy week. I spent some time assessing the trails in Barntown, next week the concentration will be on that project. This week was a lot of computer time working on documents for a couple other projects and also getting things lined out for next week on the mountain. Yesterday was return to Green's Lick. We headed up with a small crew, about eight of us and put in a few heads up bumps at the top of the middle rock section to let people know what they were getting themselves into. Here is a photo of the work. The section looked pretty good, of course there are a few more issues, but nothing of major note.

We also were asked by the FS folks to look at putting a bridge in on Ledford Branch Trail where an old culvert washed out. This should be an interesting project in August. Probably two "Dirty Thusday"s worth.

Finally, in the rainy misty weather yesterday waiting for the crew to show, I played around in the creek and found this big monster, then on the road found this cool little monster. Life is good.

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