Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bobcat MT52 Test Drive

The Bobcat MT52 vs. Barntown. Winner.....Barntown. Today was frustrating at best. I got some real time on a Bobcat MT52 for the first time. It is the only compact utility machine I haven't really been able to "field test". It certainly had it's pluses and minuses, but the ground clearance is atrocious. Check it out.

Overall I was disappointed, the ergonomics of the controls also was a bit unorthodox. It was similar to the TORO Dingo, but not as intuitive. The power of the engine sounded impressive, however it just didn't really deliver. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be interested to see how it performs in the simple task of lifting and carrying material and large rocks to build some alternate lines on one of the road beds in the trail system. More photos to come and hopefully none as disappointing as today's.

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