Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week of offices and riding...

Well, we finished the Augusta park and lost the Valmont bid, so it feels like a transition period coming on right now. Check ou the locals shredding the pumptrack in North Augusta.

We got done with the track and headed over to the Victor's for a little out the door R and R. The FATS was great, it was Jenn's first real ride, which she stomped, and my first 20+ mile ride of the season, which I survived.

After the Fats, we headed to Gainesville for a couple days to see Jenn's friends and family and now we are camping for the rest of the week at Santos. We got two rides in today and expect to do the same until we roll out on Sunday. Jenn is doing great riding and this whole experience of teaching someone who is a natural athlete new sports is GREAT!

When we aren't riding work is piling up. I am working on the design for the project in Middleton that comes up after the Summit, we head to Orlando for a design next, and I have about 4 bids either in process or in writing which will decide our Summer, the second wave has come a bit early which makes me wonder what the end of May will look like. Onward and upward for the next little while and riding a bike as much as WE can...tired legs today, happy legs in a week.

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