Monday, April 26, 2010

Orlando...Biketown USA?

Seems like this little area has been VERY underestimated. With Santos as the closeby destination for this "big" city in Florida, Orlando has quite a few mountain bikers, like a meet up group with about 750 members...Whaaaa! Yeah. So, we have been summoned to this little desert of mountain bike experience to give people an oasis to vent their energy when time is too scarce to travel. Below are some photos from day one of the design week. This area is cool, loads of character and more land than the estimated budget can fill out. We may even throw in a Dirt Velodrome, just to get those roadies tires dirty...bwawawawaaa. More stuff coming as the design comes together, but for you see what I see?

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TheMutt said...

I grew up down there. The biking is better than you would expect, but I'm glad I live in NC now. Can't wait to see more pics from your work down there.