Monday, April 5, 2010

A case of the Monday's...

Well, today, combined with yesterday being Easter, and us being in SC; turned into a case of the Monday's. I still needed to get the project from last week wrapped up with finalizing maps and the trail plan as well as the all important invoice, so the current project already started behind the eight ball. Good thing we have two weeks. Thank you preplanning.

Today in North Augusta SC we began the pumptrack, I got the design done once all the logistics were taken care of and low and punched a hole in the tire of the little machine we were given. Makes me contemplate buying my own piece of equipment until I look at the prices. The machine below managed about half an hour of moving the dirt from once side of the pavilion to the other before deiding that was enough of that. So tomorrow we fix a flat, do laundry and try to move the rest of the dirt. Ah yes, being on jobsites...with machines...DOH!!! Here is to a fruitful Tuesday and getting into a rythm while building rythm.

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