Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beating Spring...

Well, the last few days have been crazy on the Three Creeks job, I have found a new respect for the peadmont and mountain joining of forces. Everything from super flat marshy terrain to crazy huge rock out crops and funky noses/ridges. Today we got most of the flagging done and are on a good schedule to have all the on the ground work of the design completed tomorrow. But, today I was trying to beat the leaves to opening, I know this because in this design we went over the same area a number of times and literally saw the leaves coming out bfore my very eyes...with about an hour delay between visits, CRAZY COOL!!

The scenary on this project is astounding and I have had a hard time capturing it with the bright Spring light. But here is our lunch spot for the day to give you a shot of the areas, the hidden ones are even more amazing.

After the day in the field we stopped at Andrew's Geyser just to check it out, I have heard all about it in my time in the area, but had just never gotten to see it. Pretty cool I must say. They capture river water from some 1000+ feet up the mountain and send it through reducing diameters of pipe until...KAPOWEE!!! Huhu...awesome.

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Butch Greene said...

The geyser is even more impressive with nasty Harleys parked all aroun dit, fried chicken scraps covered in yellow jackets and sunken Busch light cans in the bottom.

Granted, that was my childhood memory of it and of course Hwy 70 was way worse when it was still open.

Awesome swimming holes under the train tressel above it though!