Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cranking and Cruizin'...

Striking a balance in this kind of life can be difficult, but I have an awesome governer in Jenn. We were fighting mother nature too much and she called it out. So now instead of dread when it snows we are able to smile. Jenn is really learning how to snowboard well, which secures we will spend next Winter out west and not bother with this whole building in the middle of Winter thing.

So, what is on the docket next? We are still waiting to hear on the very next project, but taxes and selling the moto have us covered until the beginning of April. Then, we build a Pumptrack for North Augusta, check us out on Facebook to see the press release, then we either come back up to NC to finish the Green's or if things get crazy, we may have to go down to FL. Then, the IMBA World Summit, follwed by a trip into the Midwest, That will get us to June...After that? Here we go again.

How are we in the looming shadow of a busy build season...GREAT! I hit the first stair gap and over rail gap on a street ride in years, I guess the riding is coming back. Why is it coming back you wonder? What is the secret to getting back on the horse? SNOWBOARDING!! I forgot after not cruising for five years that it was my balance in Winter...any of the people reading this, if you have buddies that drive cats in Winter, I want to try that shi$!! I think I could really enjoy that.

If you haven't ever ridden in the Winter you won't understand that SNOW IS GOD! It is amazing to experience it. The east coast has had the best Winter I ever remember, and now I can relax and enjoy it. Next year I hope the Winter smiles on Cali. We will see.

Until then, turns and waiting for the insanity to begin.

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