Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Transition...no not the bike

Well, it is the end of the snowboard season barring some FREAK storm. Weather will be sixty for the next ten days and a nice drizzly little rain coming in too. So that means back to work. The end of this month has yet to completely hash itself out, but at least for the next week we will be getting our new trailer outfitted and ready and then figure out where we go from there. Right now there are three potentials: finish the project we started before things got white, head to FL for some design stuff and a bit of riding at Santos, or if a FREAK storm is on the horrizon, head up to WV and get in some steep and deep to cap things off before the season really cranks for us in North Augusta in April. How do things look for us right now? BUSY. The calendar is quickly filling, for every project we have had that flops, two more start. This week will be filled with paperwork and table saws, that is for sure. So here is to transition, this year we are going into the season rejuvinated and ready to rock. I will post up pics as we get the trailer together too, to try and get back in the blogging swing of things.

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