Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting closer...

This morning things started getting crazy, a project popped that I thought was done, so I need to find time that doesn't exist. But, then we started working on the new home, pics below and I found out I needed to take a few steps back before getting to charge ahead. Starting Monday this blog should really come alive. We dive into the trailer tomorrow hopefully getting the bed and some shelving built, we also need to seal the roof better and I need to rebuild the door from said leakage, thank you rain this week. Monday we start back at the Green's, there is a fella from Kentucky coming down for training and to help out the first week so I am hoping we really get some work done, we will probably be on the project for 2 STRAIGHT weeks. Then, we will head towards LL to work on desing on a private developement and to test run the trailer, then it is off to North Augusta for probably the most exciting project of the Spring. Next, we head to Florida for a design and public imput meeting in Orlando, a bike park in town...pretty cool. Then, we go to N. Florida to work on a Bike Park design for a new state recreation area, they want to see a park that beats Santos, that is also very exciting. Next the IMBA World Summit...Oh boy the kidney's are gonna love me after that one. Then up to Ohio and then to Middleton Wisconsin for a fun little check up and building. That gets me to the end of May, June might be returning to NC for any number of builds, or we could end up in CO; either way you get the idea. If you are reading this and a prospective client...GET IN TOUCH NOW or it may be 2011 before we get to meet.

Pics of the trailer, outside, doorway, inside stripped. In a few more days it will look very different. Check out the archive from this time last year to see what we have done before.

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