Friday, February 5, 2010

F#@! this F#@!ing Weather !!!

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Ok, so it has been quite a while since the last post, it has been a whole week since we worked. Why, snowed in, we had to wench ourselves up to the top of the Green's driveway on Wednesday to just try and check out the jobsite. So, how have I been filling the time? I wish I could say productively, but it seems like everytime I try, something is in the way, trying to work on a sponsorship proposal for a DJ comp, but folks have already been working on some stuff at the park, so back to square one trying to get on the same page and see if the comp will even work with the timing...Okay, so screw it I go snowboarding and proceed to bounce my face off the ice in the trees, "oh, that is why all that snow was untracked. Got it." We have pretty much been passing the time working on a puzzle and doing some reading. Today's forcast, an inch to two inches of sleet followed by half an inch of freezing rain...G*& D@!#IT !! Oh well, here is to next week. This weekend is all about housesitting for a friend and having a TV to pass the time. We don't have one at the apartment where we are staying while in town. Go Saints !!

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