Friday, February 12, 2010

Skillz to pay the billS

Yesterday, we had our last meeting at the USNWC in Charlotte to discuss the creation of a Mountain Bike Skillz Hill, this will be a super cool project and one that will be a big benefit to the local community, but we are still waiting for the final Green Light, but it is all in their hands now, keep your fingers crossed. These photos show some of the terrain and meeting with a few of the locals to finalize design ideas.

Today, we head to the Green's to cut the machine out of the woods, we will most likely pull it for a few weeks and see how the rest of my projects and the weather comes together. I feel like with a real good couple of weeks we could get finished, but right now this isn't our Winter M.O. So, pull the machine to lower their overall machine rental costs, get all of the projects coming down the pipe lined up and then welcome the spring. Let Mr. Toads wild ride begin.

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