Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Design almost done, saws crank Thursday

We finished up most of the design today and will be starting on the corridor Thursday. Above is one of the many turns that we have been laying out over the last few weeks. This loop will have around 14 dedicated switchback-ish turns that we will have to contend with. About five will be real bears, the rest should be fairly straight forward. Below is a picture of Otie standing on one of the cooler features we found deep in the Rhodo glades. This tree must have had quite the story to tell, the trunk is imbedded in the ground for about five feet then begins its turn skyward. I don't know exactly how the trail will pass this yet, it will develope as we clear corridor and comein with the machine. Should be cool though.

Tomorrow is heavy on the computer time, I am working on a few bid packages and proposals right now, from the looks of it 2010 will be a banner year.

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