Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And away we go ..!

Well, the new project has begun. I went to the site yesterday and walked all the property lines. This place is amazing, imagine all of the great things about WNC riding, then put it out your backdoor. That is what these folks will have. We are shooting for about four miles total after the project is done.

Today we were able to lay out the "right side", and got about half of the "left side" rough flagged. Tomorrow will be the linking of the top and the bottom of the left side, then hopefully we will be able to dial that line.

The right side will be mostly open hardwood forest with a 5% drop and around 7 nice turns to get you traversing the slope. It should be a mix of DuPont style trail with Pisgah style forest. Then, the left side will be like Laurel Mountain for a climb, but without the nasty slick sideslope rocks, yeah seems pretty good. The "back nine" is a whole different story, that area has the largest Hickory I have ever seen, 6 ft DBH, no joke!

Things in the developement front have been crazy this week too. I expected this week to be quiet with the Holidays and all, but turns out everyone is cramming a weeks work into three days. Yikes!

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