Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sometimes the universe aligns and you get the opportunity to have great things happen. When we were in Charlotte this Summer the White Water Center gave us the place to rest and relax, but the whole while ideas were circulating in my head. The place represents the "ski resort" mentality and culture that is replicable ANYWHERE. Imagine a resort type environment where you have water, riding and good food and beer. Seems about like heaven to me. Well, the USNWC represents this kind of place. Today we went down and looked at new potential that can be reveled. Here is to fingers crossed!

Tomorrow? Well, first a few hours on Valmont stuff, then answer some emails and work on whatever those call for. Finally, the goal is to get back out on the moto to clear the head in the afternoon. Maybe a fire in the conference room after that.

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