Friday, December 4, 2009

Pisgah Project Week 2...Tunnels

Well, it is the end of week two on the little hibernation gig, we have doing outside of Pisgah. We cranked the saws yesterday, to much disagreement from our Stihl's. My saw was particularlly pissed. It was a bit of a hard emotional and mental day yesterday, then juxtapose that to the hard physical day we had today. Rhodo is a beast. If you resign yourself to slow pacing and being patient, you can get through the stuff, and the pay off is amazing, nature regrows in amazing deep tunnels. If you have done some riding around the mountains of the east coast you know what I am talking about. The feeling that you are being wrapped in a damp little nature cocoon, the beautiful opposition to this is when you bust out into the open hardwood canopy that is southern facing slopes, you enter the room! There are a couple of these spots in this project, we did our best to design these with accordance to views of the cool house that sits on this property as well. Including extra thought in a project like this is one of my favorite things to do. Enjoy the photos and imagine the tunnels closing in on you, enjoy that through the weekend.

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