Friday, May 29, 2009


Wednesday was a crazy start to the Wakefield project with IMBA. Common to working around lots of machines was....broken machines. The day started out well enough, our job while here is to do maintenance on the berms on the power line cut at the park. One of the berms was to be totally rebuilt and reshaped to fix some of its issues. So the morning started well enough working on getting the site prepped and then moving dirt when, snap, CrAcKlE, POP! The rental skid steer track broke. DOH! So we worked around the issue and the rental comapny came to look it over and told us they would fix it the next day. Then, the 650 started overheating. What a day.

But, alas all was not lost. Thursday came together beautifully and all machines are now fixed and up and running. Jenn got all but two of the berms cleaned up and the new berm is now shaped and seeded and strawed. I will be taking photos this morning and getting them up later this weekend. For now it is back at it today, then a work party weekend.

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myotherbrotherl said...

Hey Ben - It was ALL good!! And before the rain set in here I got a to ride the stuff we worked on. It was definitely worth a week of vacation!

In the last 30 days I've gotten to work with you, Rich, Dan and Woody. I consider myself a lucky person. For her vacation, my wife went to California and the big Island of Hawaii and got rained on for 2 weeks almost straight. For my vacation I got to build trail with some of the best in the country.