Sunday, May 3, 2009

Albemarle Day 5

I am searching for prophetic words tonight and can't seem to find any. So I guess you get a Sunday evening play report from the day. More log ride area. today we finished prepping the area to drill and place rebar. So I guess you could call the area "done". The log overs will be moved into the sides of the rollers on the pumptrack, but I need to get the flow on that done first so, that will wait for assembly. The only other possible mod is to have to add short cut sections in the log turns to help folks navigate them, but I have to flow check it first and see how hard they are.

Today's play by play involves a lesson in timber framing. Use a razor blade to make your cuts, not a butter knife. The following sequence shows marking the cut with the little saw and a nice tight fit equals hammertime when done. That is a good thing.

This is just a shot of the work site mid day with production in full swing.

What I think will be the most popular feature. It follows all I learned at IMBA for a structure of this style, 24" off the ground and widens to 12" at the peak, very fun to build.

Finally a top view of the "mostly" finished log ride area. Next is pumptrack start and the rocks will begin on Tuesday.

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