Monday, May 25, 2009

Okay, stop and take a breath...

What a crazy week. While in H'burg I was convinced to layout and drop dirt on a new pumptrack deemed "The People's Pumptrack". I got a few little treats in exchange and hopefully helped relieve some people of a little stress.

Then, it was off to the MORE-IMBA Stokesville festival to spend the Memorial Day Weekend. We helped the good boys at IMBA build a couple of skills elements, and while at it we had the wood, SOOOO.....I built a sweet kicker.

Finally, I got to get some good long rides in, along the VA mountains and saw some amazing views. I leave you with this one. Next week is off to a few days work at Wakefield Park in VA then on to Philly, Chambersburg and NH.

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