Sunday, May 17, 2009

Richmond River Rock Revilry...or R4

What a Blur of a couple Days, James River trails are SICK, Nate and Jimi, you guys enjoy your canvas.

Above and below are photos from the weekends River Rock Speed-style contest put on by Jeff Lenosky and Sports Backers. This festival was a first annual event and reminded me a lot of the first of the Mountain Sports Festivals in Asheville that occurred in downtown. I have known a few of the riders in the contest for a long time and was asked to help by judging...RAD. This was a competition of which I have been dreaming for years, combine speed and trickery in a contest to find the truly most well rounded rider. These guys NAILED IT. Great job ya'll.

This event combined with a few other festivities did a great job involving the crowd and drawing interest to mountain biking and the cycling lifestyle. I was so glad to attend this event and to get to participate in such a great festival. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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