Monday, April 6, 2009

A weekend Mitchell and Creston Phase 2

Well, was a great weekend, got a few loose ends tied up in Phase 1 at Creston on Saturday, then on Sunday went out to the property and got Phase 2 dialed in for the build this week. At the end of the morning however, I was Drrrraaaaagggiiiinnnnggg. SO I decided it was time for a field trip. I usually go up to Mount Mitchell this time of year and the afternoon was nice and clear yesterday so up, up and away we went. The above photo is to show those westerners we have real Mountain covered in Spruce and Fire with loads of exposed rock. The below photo is the clear view to the North East of the peak and if you look really close you might see the truck sitting in the parking lot.

SO after a restful afternoon yesterday it was back to it hard today. Cranked out a great day and here are a few photos to share. The first one is a little dance I put together just for this occasion and the second one is the machine left in the woods to sleep overnight. Really becoming a fan of the 325, good balance of just enough power without being too big. Good machine.

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