Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warrior Creek Vacatio’n Albemarle’start

Well the last few days were a fer’ reol-reol vacation, not the half arzed attempt at one that happened last week. I wanted to drive somewhere and not move, but to ride a mountainbike and do some reading in a hammock for a few days. THANK YOU KERR SCOTT AND ALL OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU. All I am going to say is, GO, Dark Mountain, camping and riding at Warrior Creek and the history of the Over Mountain Victory Trail. What am I reading? A wonderful book of murder, engineered life and debauchery – Devil in the White City, it intertwines two of my favorite Historical figures, Olmstead and Tesla.
Now I am in a campground about 10 miles out of town from Albemarle getting ready to dive into a fun little bike park at City Lake Park. Look for very precise and creative log-work this time around. I will be doing lots of chainsaw cleaning with diesel fuel, ah creosote. Until then ---

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