Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catawba Falls

Okay so lets start with work today. The morning was spent on the death box getting some things set up for the next couple of projects, then groceries. Next, I went up to Creston, but the dirt was still too wet to work, so did a bit of recon on the next couple stages and got a headache looking at phase 2, gonna be a long start to next week. But, then I went back to camp and this is where the day gets good. We went to Catawba Falls, by far THE BEST WATERFALL IN NORTH CAROLINA. It was amazing, with all of the rain we have had it was raging. Photos for your enjoyment.


Butch Greene said...

I've hiked that tons since I was a little kid. It's considered to be the source of the Catawba River. Joe Moore actually took his bike down the trail from all the way up in Gateway Mountains and said he'd never do it again. hah hah.

If you get rained out again, hit Buck Creek just up from your camp. Go up Lake Tahoma Rd (eat at Little Siena Restaurant) and at Lake Tahoma, you'll turn right at the far end of the lake, then left on Buck Creek. Beautiful dead end into the forest proper.

Ben said...

Butch, thanks for the tips. Been able to stay pretty busy up to now in the rain, but have really run out of stuff so may take you up on that one.