Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm goin' back to California Dreamin'

Sorry for the long delay between posts, but I was smart enough to leave the computer behind for the Cali trip which forced me to relax, and boy did I. My mother got married this past week in a little town called Calistoga. If you ever head to Cali wine country, I highly recommend this town. Well the wedding wasn't until the afternoon on Tuesday, so Jenn and I took a stroll heaed up to Table Rock just outside of town and had a great, stellar, fantastic, and magical hike. Here is the first view a mere half mile from the car. Oh yeah, the west is sweet.

Along the way the trail was eroded and steep and doing tons of resource damage, but that doesn't concern the folks of Northern Cali. Instead they spend time doing focused spiritual trail work like this:

I will say it was pretty cool. But, who could help but be inspired when nature is busy turning out fantastic art of her own. This is just the remnants of an old forest fire left to season in the moist dense woods of Nor Cal.

Finally from the resting part of the trip, here is the pool and view at the spectacular place my Aunt rented for the family during the wedding.

Our last day we drove the Pacific Coast Highway, tried to stop by Muir Woods (place was too packed), and spent time in Downtown before flying out.

Now I am back home trying to get caught up on bids and quotes from the last month while working and on vacation. The next few days will be the best and easiest time to get in touch with me if someone has questions or needs help developing a project.

I do feel good though, real good actually.

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