Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well we are OFFICIALLY ON THE ROAD. We headed out the door on Tuesday afternoon and set up camp down in Old Fort. I know it might not be far from our home of Asheville, but it is the perfect way to do a dry run for two weeks. We are well positioned near Creston so things should cruise along well over the next little while. It is raining and has been all day so we have a good chance to look over some of the issues inherit to living in the woods. Above is a view of the office set up and below are the kids all hanging out together..if you notice I am asleep in the hammock in the background.

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Butch Greene said...

You're not far from some really fun ATV trails that run the spine from Old Fort-Sugar Hill Rd up the long spine that parallels Old Fort Rd/Stone Mtn. It goes all the way to Youngs Mtn in Lake Lure if you stay straight on the spine or if you turn left at the crest of the ridge, you come out in Montford Cove on Sugar Hill Rd.

Want directions to the gate?