Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally !

YAY!!! I got to work today. The weather was beautiful and Jenn and I cranked out a good day. Above is the set-up through a nice gateway into a switchback and below is some nice wiggle in an upper portion of the trail. These of course are just roughed in, I went back and de-bermed and back-sloped the trail after the photos were taken. A labor crew will be used later to hand finish all of the machine work.

All of the rain definately made stuff that I had built in the wet slimy today. Things are cruising along nicely now that there is good moisture in the dirt and we have nice weather. I hope to push hard the next couple of days and get the majority of Phase 1 finished.

This is my homework for tomorrow. Should be cool to weave between big cut chunks of the oak in the background. Photos up tomorrow for sure.

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