Saturday, March 21, 2009

Okay, you can breathe now

What an unbelievable week. Let's start at the beginning and try to through a few pictures in along the way to keep things interesting. To start I sinned heavily a few times this week riding in the rain. We will not say where or when, but I remember why doing so is bad. Number one it screws up the trails, number two and far more of a hit to me was it screws up the bike and makes me spend time and money fixing things, like brake pads and chains. Okay father please forgive me for my sins and allow me to repent.

Then, Tuesday the PTBA conference began here in Asheville and it was AWESOME, tiring but great. I was accepted as a member and also did two other presentations, one on the Wissa, the other on Pocket Bike Parks. As Rich put it, it was interesting seeing all those people watch me and thinking I knew what I was talking about...I have really begun enjoying the presentation portion of these things. I am a bit of a ham so it makes sense. I am also a believer in "the cause", this gives me an outlet to try and create a few converts while I am at it.

Finally yesterday was a great Green's Lick ride with the IMBA folks. It is amazing what friendships forged in the trenches can do.