Saturday, March 14, 2009

Put out the fire...

from: Teresa Bergen...ceramic cat ears?

Okay now to the meat of the day. This has been one heck of a week. I know I already said that, but today elevated things even a bit more. I have been the type to always want total control and to do everything myself. I am burned on that this week. I didn't get my VA contractors license as was planned. Why not? A number of factors. I have learned much in this week and those lessons will build me into a better business person and a more humble individual. The photo above represents my feeling about jumping through hoops. The lion holds the hoop to allow the ringmaster his glory. Enjoy your Sunday, mine will most likely be spent in front of this contraption trying to be prepared for all of the insanity that will be the Professional Trailbuilders Conference. Presentations, Beers and Bikes...I will come out of next week with a clearer sense of the future and hopefully some new acquaintances.

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