Sunday, December 2, 2007

My neck, my neck and my back!!

Yowza, man I took a beating this weekend and loved every minute of it.

Friday was my Birthday and a few friends took me to sushi and then to see Superbad. It was just that, but it was a great time. Friday night however, I was feeling, shall we saw swampy.

Saturday morning there was a Yack sighting then things looked up. Tavis and I went up to mom's and did some heavy duty woodworking. Cut down seven sizable trees and split it all into about two cords of wood. It was a beautiful day and the cutting was fine. Saturday night it was time o lay down and start a new book. One i read about on Kent Peterson's blog. The Werewolf Principle, classic nineties sci-fi paperback. Should be an enjoyable quick read.

Finally, today was awesome, I woke up to fifty degrees with all the clouds this morning and went out to Dupont for a hammer-fest ride. I showed up to a gaggle of folks in the parking lot but then went for a ride just with my friends Tavis and Ryan. We butched each other. Tavis took a serious digger on the new section of Burnt Mountain trail, I took it to the face on Big Rock and I think Ryan may have had a Yack sighting. But he was awful stealth about it. All in all just blowing the carbon out of the legs. Here is a map of the ride. 2:00 and BBBRRRAAAAAPPPPP......

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