Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BC what? Creek...Ohhhhh.

How do I start? Been a little bit since the last update. The last few days have been spent in school. Also, got a new vehicle, pictures to come soon. Things have been a bit nuts. The photos will be from Bent Creek, went out on Tuesday and scoped a bit.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty straight forward. Tavis and I went down to Pisgah and got our first aid and CPR certs. Pisgah Ranger District ROOOOOCCCKKKKSSSSSS. We had two days of work and in between we got the new vehicle hooked up. Then, today we had our Chainsaw cert. Now I am ready to go to work.

The photos, okay here goes. A few from Wolf Branch doing a bit of research for the training and workday at the end of March. First one is of a soggy area next to a bridge. An awesome spot for a rock armor section. This is a prime classroom for the workday.

Next are two photos of the flowy upper part of the trail. The Berm at the top needs a bit of love, as some of the lower section is sluffing a bit. Then the next shot is of the section of s's just past that right now they are more s then braaaaapppp. So we will yip'em up really nicely. Like the phrases? Well they are registered trade marks, just kidding. Seriously, I want people to not have phrases for these things, I finished with an art degree and it really got me how people were able to destroy soul with certain words, so I want to try and avoid that. Oh yeah photo, here you go.

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