Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Great Buisness Crosstraining....

Yesterday I helped Tavis do some tree work. That guy is amazing. Climbing and descending roping in swinging from tree to tree. He is a regular George of the Jungle.

The day started with me dropping a few of the smaller trees under the large leaners we would be taking down. Next Tavis ascended a big oak and we started dropping limbs by pulling them to the side to avoid the shed we were next to. Once that was down we moved on tho the mish-mash of leaner and nasty caught up bundle. This was all great to watch now when dealing with blow downs and snags I will know a few more tricks. Chainsaw work is an integral part of trail building in this area, there is no bypassing being a good sawyer. Here are two pictures from the day. One is Tavis taking off some pressure on the snag, the next is of some of the equipment and carnage on the ground.

Tonight I will be heading up to Blacksburg to hang out with my little brother for his birthday. Then, Friday maybe go do design on one of the new pumtracks in town.

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